I am SORRY!!!

I am sorry-let me just say that right off the bat. For what you ask? I want to say I am sorry to the poor little deer that I gave a heart attack to tonite.  He ran across the road in front of me when we got into the neighborhood, and I thought he ran right on across the road-but NO!!!!!!!!!!!!  He kept running…. right along the side of my car! Thank God it was a two lane!  I couldn’t see him because he was in my blind spot, but Beka was yelling “Mom!  He’s right there!” When I realized-of course I slowed down, THEN he chose to run all the way across.  I am sure the poeple behind me thought I was some sort of animal cruelty person-and I was making him race me to see if he could make it back to the other side!  When he finally made it all the way across-he just stopped and looked back at me with horror in his eyes.  I AM SORRY!  Tell your Deer mom I am sorry for taking untold years off of your poor little deer life.  Now that we have that settled-tell your mom, aunt, sister or whomever-that since I did not kill you with my car-they need to NOT kick my dog in the head the next time he chases them.  If we have that agreement-I will continue to throw nice little apples and bread out to you on cold winter’s days like today.

And P.S.-my lovely daughter Beka was kind enough to remind me that the deer do not have internet access 😦


~ by Rhonda on February 5, 2009.

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