Who knew??

Who knew that BLOGGING (not to be confused with FLOGGING) was such a popular thing?  I had heard of it, read a few, even ventured to comment on a few.  I thought “WOW! How can those people share such personal things about themselves and their lives?” But then I did a CARINGBRIDGE for my father when he was sick, and found out that people care! Or should I say “Enquiring minds want to know”. Not that people are nosey (well some might be), but they genuinely care about what happens in my life. And maybe, just maybe, sometimes it might bring a smile to their face-which is always agood thing.  So if there’s a question you have about me-send me a comment. Ifthere’s a part of my life you want to know more about (that is G-rated of course!) send me a comment on that too!  More than anything -I want to hear from you!!!  I even found out that some of my friends have blogs. I will list them as I become aware of them on my Blogroll!!!

I’ll admit it-I am a blogging stalker of sorts. I’m not dagerous by any means-but there are those blogs that I read and check everyday, just in the hopes that the Blogging person will have added something new to brighten my day.  Or-that the other blogging person will list something inspiring. It happens folks-everyday-others are inspired by what others have to say. So if you have something to say-start a BLOG! It’s all the rage!  You can add pictures and do other neat things (most of which I am still learning to do!).

Oh, and by the way-my daughter was right. The deer did not get the memo about my apology in my earlier post.  It came back and brought family members to stake out my house!  I know they were trying to act nonchalant-but I know why they were really here.  Thank goodness I got rid of my ivy, and they were eating my neighbor’s!

More to come on that…….




~ by Rhonda on February 6, 2009.

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