A Letter to My Heart………

Who could me tell that all those years ago when we were born,  all of the hard, sad, happy and wonderful times in my life you would get me through?  I never would have known that something so small in me-could be so strong.  It’s just another testament to God’s amazing wonders. You took whatever challenge He gave us with the strength of a giant.  Whether it was a gruff, quick-to-anger father who often smelt of beer and berated you and made you feel bad about yourself-yet you still found a way to love him. And I’m sure that was only because of you-Dear heart-that I could love that sort of man. And then there was the love for a sister who knew me better than I knew myself; and she acted as nursemaid from the time Mom brought us home from the hospital. Her first memory being of Mom walking around the car with us in her arms-she took you and I as her own and loved us unconditionally. She also filled the role of teacher, confidant, protector and more than anything-friend.  You-the piece of flesh with unknown talents that beat so fast and hard at my first kiss-I could barely tell where I was, you are the same one that helped me recover from broken hearts and friendships throughout my young adult life.  I am so lucky to have a heart that carried me through the loss of two dear loved ones, and let me see the lessons in their lives-and what they had taught us.   You are the one that breaks every time we fight with our 16 year old daughter-because our love for her is SO strong-we would die for her in an instant. Heart-you are the one that guides me daily-and doesn’t ever lead me down the wrong path-but sometimes the rocky one, that only makes us stronger. I love you heart-and Thank God for you.


~ by Rhonda on February 11, 2009.

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