Books for DUMMIES??

Seriously! Did you know that there is a “——– for Dummies” book for practically every subject you can think of, and some you would NEVER think of. For instance-Home Buying FD, Spanish FD (you mean I could have saved myself 10 weeks if classes??), Organizing FD (would this really help anyone?), Japanese FD, Catholicism FD (that might explain a lot!), Philosophy FD (Dr. Phil?), Arabic FD-for real?, Electronics FD-that sounds dangerous, Overcoming Anxiety-ok-now that’s just ridiculous!, Addiction and Recovery FD-ditto-ridiculous!, and it goes on and on-Depression FD, Bi-Polar Disorder FD and my all time favorite-Anger Management FD!!

What started all of this was my trip to a book store that shall remain nameless (but it begins with B&N!). I thought “Hmmmmmm..I wonder. Could I possibly make my Blog more fun, interesting, read-able, etc. by getting a book on Blogging?” So I go into this nameless (B&N) store, and browse until I come to the little island in the middle of the store where any number of be-bespectacled helpers is waiting to embarrass you with his or her wealth of knowledge about any book you could ever want. So I say to this person “Do you have any books on Blogging?” He says, “Ah yes. Let me look them up for you. Would you mean something like BLOGGING FOR DUMMIES????” After the steam quit erupting from my ears and I could see straight again, I replied, “Well-I guess that would work. But I do know just a little about it already-so I might be ahead of that curve!!” He saw no humor, nor did he show any remorse for implying that I might be a DUMMIE!!! I followed said helper over to the area of books, trying to think of something not too obvious to do to him on the way over there, like tripping him, throwing a book at him, etc. But I figured my DH might complain if I got thrown in jail for assaulting a B&N employee. So I followed as said helper showed me the BLOGGING FOR DUMMIES, and a few other books. Needless to say-I DID NOT buy the Dummies book. It’s not just a matter of principal-I bought one specifically tailored to Word press.

SO……..hopefully you will see some interesting changes coming to my Blog soon. Meanwhile-enjoy! And email me your questions, comments or suggestions! Don’t forget to show some love to my Blogging friends listed on my Blogroll!!!




~ by Rhonda on February 17, 2009.

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