I am a WIENER!

Uhhh-I mean WINNER!! My FAVORITE BlogHer-Anissa , has notified me to tell me I have won a contest that she sponsored. YAHOO!!!!!!!!! Now, granted-it’s NOT the ITOUCH-but frankly I can’t remember if I even entered that one. She is my MUSE! I aspire to be more like her in a Blogging sense. (Don’t worry Annissa-I am not stalking you-at least not while you live in another state!) Anywho-She is a great BlogHer-funny, smart, sassy, and she has BALLS! KAHUNAS! NUTS-whatever you want to call them! She stands up for her family, friends and her causes. And who is to say what really makes a worthy Blog? There really are only a few rules, but there is not a BLOGGING God who criticizes others-well there shouldn’t be anyways. Yet-people still feel compelled to give their opinions (and you know what they say about those!). So listen folks-if you don’t like what I have to say….don’t read it! It’s as simple as that. If you do-then by all means-read, and recommend me to your friends too!!! I know you are out there-secretly stalking my Blog-because I have a STATS counter that tells me how many hits I am getting and on what days! PLEASE COMMENT ME! If it’s nice, thought-provoking or funny -I will welcome it. IF it’s not-I might still leave it up-who knows?

And maybe……just maybe one day I too will have cool things to offer in the contest way-but I am still cutting my teeth on this whole blogging thing-so be patient and kind with me. Oh, and by the way, can anyone out there tell me if it’s safe for dogs to eat Hall’s Cherry Cough drops? Presley sure does love them!

That’s all for now-but I’m feeling a roll coming on………so stay tuned!



~ by Rhonda on March 10, 2009.

One Response to “I am a WIENER!”

  1. Your blog looks GREAT! I wish I had a few more options w/ blogger to change the look of mine. Anyway, keep at it. It is fun to blog…sometimes they are great…sometimes it is just a place to vent or talk things out.

    Not sure about the cough drops though…I did come home last week and my dog had carefully removed a cannister I had full of kisses and ate them all. It is amazing how she can pull just that one item she wants out of a basket full of things.

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