Who let the dogs out?

So-those of you that know me-know that I LOVE my our dogs. A little history-growing up we always had hunting dogs, and raised beagles.  At times we could have as many as 20-30 dogs including puppies.  But according to my dad-they weren’t pets-they were working dogs. But he really couldn’t stop my sister and I from loving on them every chance we got.  So I really blame my Dad for my intense love of my dogs-and the need to have a pack of them too!  NONE of our dogs ever got to come in the house!  Back then they didn’t have the sophisticated flea treatments that they have now-you have to use things that you didn’t want in your house. Poor doggies-we put those chemicals on them-then we couldn’t pet them for fear of getting the junk on us!  So one day we got a border collie-Dad wanted him to sound ferocious-so he named him Ketchum (catch ’em). He was a great dog-but he was very afraid of gunshots, and thunder. So guess what? Yep-anytime there was a thunderstorm-he got to come in the house!!! Just right inside the door-but that was good enough for me!!!

Fast forward to the day I moved out and got my first apartment-I got a dog! Not only would he live WITH me in my apartment-but he would sleep with me too!!  Now we have 5 dogs. I know, right!  Say it with me- FIVE DOGS!!!

We have Lady-whom we Beka and I brought home from Pet Smart one day-DH was so mad! That’s the maddest he’s ever been and me (I think!), and he didn’t speak to me for a couple of days.  That was in March of 1998-and that following September-we took her to Disneyworld!! He warmed up to her.  She is the Grand Dame of our house-


Then-along came Pissy. We went to the breeder’s house for a Chihuahua-but those were ugly and nervous. We heard a little puppy barking and asked what it was-he told us he had one little Rat Terrier ready to go. He brought her out and put her in Beka’s lap-and the rest is history. We paid for her-but I consider her a rescue since we later found out he ran a puppy mill.  She has alot of issues-but we love her. She only weighs 9 lbs-but she is the BOSS!  She is 7 and 1/2 years old.


Then….. along came Peet. My husband picked him and AND named him because he wanted a dog of his own.  Unfortunately-Peet picked his owner himself, and attached himself to me. It could have been because I was the one home all the time.  He loves his Daddy-but he is truly a Momma’s boy.  We almost lost him this past October when he and Lady were both bitten by a Copperhead snake iin our backyard. It barely got Lady on the lip-nothing a little ice and Benedryl couldn’t cure.  But Peet took the worst hit on his right hind leg.  It two days in the doggie hospital, and weeks of IV pain injections, hydrotherapy, pain pills, betadine washes, anti-inflammatories and many trips back to the GREAT vets!!  But he survived, retained his leg with full use-and the new skin is coming along nicely.  He is a true survivor!!


Oh-and did I mention how much he loves to ride in the car?


Ok-so Andy still doesn’t have a pet to call his own! Silly boy!  So along comes Peaches.  She was being held hostage at the flea market with a woman in a wire crate.  Where apparently is where she spent the first four months of her life.  We only recently realized that because she never learned how to play with others dogs.  She is sweet, but loves to bark-and tries to be the boss.  And she is truly a Daddy’s girl-albeit a four-legged one!


So anyway those are our-OH! Wait a minute-that’s only FOUR dogs!

Last August my co-worker (who shall remain nameless!!) Kristine (oops! sorry!) called me to tell me they had rescued a little Rat Terrier puppy from some guy near her house. He was tiny-only about 1lb or so, and covered in fleas and worm infested.  But when they saw him-and the conditions he was living in-they knew if they didn’t take him-he surely would perish.  Yep-they took him-and how? do you ask-did he wind up at my household???  All she had to do was send me a picture-and that was it.  We knew he belonged here.  Honestly-her history was with Great Danes, Pugs, Bulldogs and Cows-what to do with a little one-pound runt?  My daughter and I met them halfway-and brought him home.  I am still not totally convinced that she did not inject him with some Great Dane DNA as a cruel joke on me-but we love him anyway!  He was this small when we got him-about 2lbs and 4 or 5 weeks old-



Now-he is 11 lbs of legs and teeth!!! He eats everything and anything he can get his mouth on-I don’t think a tub full of piranhas would be this bad!  But he has brought out the puppy in everyone-Lady plays more now than she used to-and Peaches has finally learned how to play! We love him-but he spends more time in time-out than anyone when we can’t be with him every second. NO fleas, worms and all of his hair grew back where he lost it from the flea infestation. Thank you Kristine and Brian (and Darian and ELLIOTT!) for our little bundle of joy!


So there you have it-oh yeah-we also have one very FAT long-haired cat-who I am sure thinks he is a Dog-because that’s all he’s ever known. But we are at our limit (and the county’s too I think!). We love our dogs-and have great compassion for those who take care of animals.  We love our pets, we have friends who have dogs-and they love them too! We are just one canine-loving family!!  They love you unconditionally, they can tell when you’re happy and when you’re sad, and especially when you’re mad. But then they just lick your face faster trying to lick away the madness!  And sometimes it works.  In honor (or memory if your Pet has passed on), of your beloved pet-whatever breed it might be-donate some old towels or blankets to your local animal shelter or emergency vet.  Because of people who did-Peet always had a clean, dry and warm bed at the Doggie hospital.

Bow Wow~

Rhonda and the Pack


~ by Rhonda on March 11, 2009.

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