Can you eat it???

I remember before I had kids, and I just took care of others kids (that’s a whole nother blog!)-hearing my sister say about her babies, ” He/She is just so precious-I want to eat him/her.” Uh, okay-can you say HANNIBAL???

But then I had my own-and totally got what she meant.  They smell good, feel good with their soft velvety skin-so they must also taste good-no?  Well-thankfully I resisted the urge to eat my young-but I know that in the animal world-sometimes that is a hard trend to break.  All this to tell you a story about a young puppy we had growing up. Of course he was a beagle-what else.  I think his name was Rebel-to tell you the God’s honest truth-we had so many-we should have just numbered them!  Anywho-one day while my mom was in the house doing the dishes, the back door was open to bring in the nice spring air -and I (but a young 3 or 4 years old) was in the back yard playing. We lived far off the road, and this was during the day you could still let your kids play outside-semi-unattended.  About every few minutes-my mom said she would hear the puppy “yelp!”. After this had gone on for a few episodes-she yelled out the back door, “Rhonda-what is wrong with that dog??”  Sweet, little absolutely adorable me replied, “I’m bitin’ him on the ear.” (inflect drooling southern accent here).  She had to compose herself before she came out and scolded me, and made me apologize to him. Telling me how much he loved me, and trusted me-and making me feel horrible about biting him on the ear. I cried-and sobbed my apology-much to his delight when he got to lick the tears and snot from my face (hey-he’s a DOG!!).  I guess that showed my early tendencies for my deep love of dogs, puppies, and pretty much anything that would stand still long enough for me to catch it and bring it home.  So even though the little 11 lb bundle of teeth and legs came in today with red dirt to his armpits-could you resist this face?


Or this one??


He really loves the camera-and it loves him too! Or maybe it’s just the long lense and his desire to eat it! In any event-he is so sweet-I could eat him-But I won’t!!

Much puppy love~



~ by Rhonda on March 12, 2009.

One Response to “Can you eat it???”

  1. Soooooo funny !!!!!

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