Shut Up and DRIVE!

Ok-so I know-not the most original title-but sort of catchy, huh?

What did you learn to drive in? We had a 74 two tone Chevy Nova-gold on the bottom with a white top. It was neat-and it had a bench seat in the front-so my (4 years older than me) sister would let me move over to the center-and steer while she worked the pedals. My Dad would have had a stroke and died then had he known. But seeing as how he had a BAAAADDDD temper-we never told him. We also never told him the real reasons I wanted her to teach me to drive. We had fun together -my sister and me.

Once we got so mad at Daddy that she drove us to the store-we bought a pack of some kind of cigarettes-and proceeded to drive around and smoke the whole pack!! Just for revenge. Of course revenge isn’t really revenge-if the revenge doesn’t know about it. But that’s okay-it still felt good. Oh yeah-I think we also went to the Mexican restuarant and had Sangria (she WAS fun!) So I took my driver’s test in that. Then she got a stick shift-a 65 VW hatchback-and taught me to drive that too!

My daughter-beautiful, creative, spunky, funny, intense, and the love of my life (even though she might not believe it sometimes) just got her first car. It’s not a beat up old piece of crap that can get easily dinged or crushed without many a tear shed (not like we had)-NO! It is a nice, shiny, fairly new car. But it’s also got a 5-star crash safety rating! Lucky for her in more ways than one, right? Some people might say she’s spoiled (they can stuff it!), but my DH and I are glad we can do this for her. We had only one child because we both knew that it was easier to do for one-than two. A decision that I’ve often regretted-but not too often. She loves it-and when she was young and she got new clothes or a special pair of shoes (or cowboy boots)-she would sleep in them. Needless to say-she didn’t sleep in her car when she got it-it was too cold outside đŸ™‚ I am happy for her. I am nervous that she will soon be driving it alone, by herself, with no one else, and I won’t be able to protect her from crazy drivers and stupid people. But she is a good driver-and a good girl. Here is where I have to let go-and pray to my most awesome God that he will put his protective wings around her where ever she may go. And make that crazy, stupid driver stay away from her. SO if you wanted to include her safety on your prayer list anytime soon-I would be greatly indebted to you!



~ by Rhonda on March 12, 2009.

One Response to “Shut Up and DRIVE!”

  1. I never knew that you would do anything like that…..

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