They’re Baaaaaaaacckkk!!!

The very first time I came to look at our current home, I beat DH and the real estate agent here. When I got out of the car-I heard something in the back yard. It was June-and there really weren’t any leaves on the ground yet-but there are woods behind the house. So I went to the back edge of the yard-and looked down the hill into the back yard. There I saw a doe and her fawn running through the back yard.

I knew instantly this was MY house! The one with the hilly, useless back yard, the one with all the steps-that we swore we would never want in a house, also the one that was much higher than our price range. When DH and the Realtor showed up-I announced before they were even out of the car good-that this was MY house! Then we actually walked in the house-and it sang to me! A main level full of hardwoods, a huge kitchen and lots, and lots of windows! Of course there was no master bedroom on this main level-but that was okay! Everyone has to compromise, huh? It kept singing-with the large windows (did I mention all the light?) ahem….well anyway-the large master bath with a huge garden tub-the likes of which I could have used to teach babies to swim in!!! We saw the entire house-and left-with visions of lower selling prices and higher mortgage payments. But it had DEER!!! That was in June, the house was sitting empty, so I could stalk it if I wanted to. AND keep an eye out for the deer! I grew up with a dad who loved to hunt deer-and he had passed in 2005. But to me-this doe and her fawn (no matter what someone else might say) was God’s way of letting me know-“Hey your Dad’s here-it’s beautiful, and this is my way of letting you know things will work out.” So I kept the faith. Every time I got a call that someone wanted to see our former house-I would run the vacuum, run up the blinds, spray the airfreshener and make myself scarce. A whole lot of people saw my dream home-but it wasn’t a good fit for a family with kids due to the steep back yard-and really no where to put a swing set or trampoline-not if you actually wanted your kids to be able to use it. So-it all worked out-and we moved in the HOUSE in October of 2006. All I could hear was “If you buy it, they will come!”. And they did-the deer came, and came and came. Sometimes there are as many as 12 at one time in my back yard!!! I know-they’re just deer, right? No-they are beautiful, and smart too. They know when I’m throwing food. Be it an apple or grain. They wait til it hits the ground-they watch where it lands-and then they run to get it. They’ve grown accustomed to the dogs barking-and it never even phases them anymore. In fact-Peaches was barking so hard this morning her feet were coming off the ground-but these pretty babies were just waiting for the food!





~ by Rhonda on March 16, 2009.

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