Spring Break

You know-I don’t even think we had more than one or two extra days off around Easter when I was growing up. We certainly didn’t refer to it as Spring Break. All I ever worried about was if the Easter Bunny could find me at what ever relatives house we went to. Not to worry-the Easter Bunny is GLOBAL!!!! But now that I have a teen aged daughter- Easter takes on a whole new meaning. SPRING BREAK-here is what I think Spring Break means…….

  • S-stands for stupid kids who ride motorcycles with no helmets after drinking
  • P-public drunkenness
  • R-Really crazy kids
  • I-Idiots who guzzle un-godly amounts of beer-on the beach no less in front of families with kids
  • N-nincompoops!
  • G-greasy, creepy looking characters cruising the streets
  • B-big, loud cars
  • R-random acts of stupid-ness (is that even a word?)
  • E-excessive drinking and driving
  • A-acting like your momma didn’t raise you right!
  • K-kool parents who bring their kids and their friends to the beach for Spring Break!

No-really-we are having a good time. Even though the weather is a bit nippier than we would like, at least we’ve missed the freezing temps and snow they are having back in the Atlanta area!  Here’s a picture of she and her friend Jordan on the Beach yesterday.

You can't even see thier chill bumps!

You can't even see their chill bumps!

I do LOVE the beach, and DH and I have decided that we will one day retire to the beach.  Even in the cold weather it has alot to offer. And I’m getting used to sleeping with the door open and listening to the waves!

More to come later this week~



~ by Rhonda on April 7, 2009.

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