Dear Mr. Park Ranger…..

Dear Mr. Florida Park Ranger……

First of all-I am not sure who does the advertising for your parks, but I feel I was totally misled on this one. The water at your Blackwater River State park is not crystal clear. Maybe if I took a bunch of it and put it in a CLEAR glass-I could see through it-but when I am standing on the bridge and looking over the side-no-not so clear. Also-I don’t really mind getting out of my car and putting my own parking fee in the little blue envelope so you won’t give me a ticket-but IF and WHEN I do that-can you please make sure that there is at least one roll of toilet paper in your bathrooms.  Not only was there NO toilet paper, but you could tell there hadn’t been much traffic in those restrooms in some time, and so who used all the TP?  My husband did manage to find some of those brown paper towels for drying hands in the men’s room-Thank God!  But don’t worry-I am not a total B**CH WITCH-I didn’t flush them down the toilet. (be sure to empty the waste bin in the first stall!). Not that anyone would notice if one of your toilets overflowed-because all the water around there looks icky and stinks anyway. And where the heck is all the wildlife? No frogs, turtles, snakes, deer or bears to speak of. This is all I got for my $3.00.

big ugly bug.........

big ugly bug.........

And this…..

cute little lizard........

cute little lizard........

I am not sure-but I could probably have found these outside of the boundries of your park.  But I did get some good pictures, and I got to spend some time with my hubby.  The day wasn’t a total bust, but if you charge money, you should at least have some a** wipe toilet papre, please!

Spring Break Mom


~ by Rhonda on April 9, 2009.

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