Irresponsible Pet owners………

I iz one-dang it! Yes-I let my sweet little 6 month old Prelsey (I now know that is the equivalent of a horny teenager!), get to Peaches. No she has never been spayed, and he hadn’t been neutered yet-he was only 6 months old! For crying out loud!

Beautiful, sweet Peaches

Beautiful, sweet Peaches

Behold the culprit-

Presley-don't let those big brown eyes suck you in-HE IS EVIL!

Presley-don't let those big brown eyes suck you in-HE IS EVIL!

So Mr.  Presley Fant spent his Spring Break getting his 3 remaining baby canines extracted-oh and did I also mention they neutered him while he was there?   Yes-while we were laying on the beach, playing in the ocean, drinking Margaritas, eating seafood and having a GRAND OLE’ TIME-he was in a peaceful sleep (I hope!) having some unpleasant things done.  But we picked him up today-and he is no worse for the wear.  I know this because while she was checking me out,  the nice receptionist (who also doubles as a kennel worker) said to me ” He’s really fast on his feet huh?” To that I replied “Yep-in more ways than one!”  I assumed she had fallen prey to his stealthiness and fast get-aways.  SO he’s home-driving everyone wild again……..and we have a very pregnant Peaches.  We are on Puppy watch because she already has milk! And from all I have read, this means an impending delivery! UGH! Yikes! Crap!!!!!

I’m as prepared as I can be-small wading pool for whelping box, lots of towles, blankets and warm materials, gloves, thermometer (for the unpleasant tempurature taking of Peaches’ temp-shhhhhhhhh! Don’t tell her that’s coming!), nasal aspirator (for puppies if needed), heating pad (cause they will die if they get too cold), milk replacer and the very smallest of baby bottles in case of a feeding problem. Yes-I do know that animals of every breed and species have babies of their own all the time without human aid-but not mine! She’s never had puppies-and niether have I! I just want to be prepared in case of an un-forseen emergency.  Oh yeah-I know how much pregnant women like to exploit their baby bellies-and so I thought I would let Peaches show youhow her girth has expanded.  She was a little shy and kept running from the camera-these were the best I could do for now.

Front view..

Front view..

Side view.....

Side view.....

We will keep you posted as to how the rest of her pregnancy goes-and of course the birth!

Pending Puppy hugs~



~ by Rhonda on April 13, 2009.

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