Houston….we have a problem……

OK-so I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my new vet. He’s very nice,I got my dog Presely back in great shape after surgery (see previous post for grocery list of things he had done), and he and his staff were great to me, Beka and Presley.  And he showed me the x-ray of Peaches-and her puppy.  Emphasis on the word PUPPY-as in only one, not more than one, and not multiple babies.  But tonight-while looking through and editing some other pictures-it (the x-ray) popped up on my screen, and Beka and I swear that we see more than one!!!! Even my mom said when she saw it the other day ” oh-yeah-I see them.” THEM??? As in more than ONE????????????  In the name of all that is holy!!!!!!!!!  I hope there’s not more than one.  We think (and of course this is with all of our vast puppy birthing knowledge and such)- that we see at least 3.  Yeah-three, tres, trois, and that’s 3 in all the laguagese I know how to say 3 in!  We thought Peaches was beginning labor yesterday-and I proudly announced to every one that the blessed event would soon be taking place.  Here you need to picture that cute little maid, Prissy (played by Butterfly McQueen) in Gone With The Wind, “But Miss Scarlet, I don’t know nothin’ ’bout birthin’ babies.” Cuz that is just what I’m thinking about this time!  One I thought would be no problem-and I know-dogs do it all the time on their own. Don’t worry-I’m not planning on intervening unless I see trouble, but I had my heart set on just one cute, soft, warm,squirming little puppy. I have to say that Peaches is looking quite uncomfortable.

Big belly, lots of milk, please dear God, let it be over soon!

Big belly, lots of milk, please dear God, let it be over soon!

And yes-that is a kiddie wading pool. I Googled “whelping boxes” and some people suggested using this.  Of course thank God! I was lucky enough to get one this time of year.  So we put lots of towels and blankets in it. And everyone has gotten in and helped themselves to s cozy nap-except Prissy.  I ran Lady out before I thought to get evidence in the form of a photograph. But here are some of the other offenders caught in the act.

Simba enjoying Peaches' misfortune.......

Simba enjoying Peaches' misfortune.......

Peet (L) and Presley (R) loving the fact that the sun hits it just right!

Peet (L) and Presley (R) loving the fact that the sun hits it just right!

So there   it-our life as it revolves around a pregnant dog.  Pretty lame huh? Oh well, she is very special to us (as are all our pets) and we hope she does just fine. If not the vet said I could call him and he would meet me at his office-anytime day or night. Did I mention how much I liked him??

Doggie kisses~



~ by Rhonda on April 18, 2009.

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