Running Himself Ragged

So Saturday I took Presley to Jasper GA for “A Dog Day in the Park”. It was put on by the Pickens County Anti-Drug Coalition to raise money for the K-9 Officer they are acquiring. I took P-Dog (a.k.a Presley). He had a grand time (on the leash), sniffing, playing, barking, stealing McDonald’s french fries, climbing on HUGE Tibetan Mastiffs and eating dog cookies from the sweetest little boy. We stayed about an hour-he slept all the way home. The yesterday-I thought “Hmmmm…I bet he would love the Dog Park!” He gets along with every type of dog (and cat for that matter), and is such a sociable little guy. I was right- he LOVED it! He ran full speed ahead for the better part of an hour (when he wasn’t sniffin’ the other dogs private parts), he chased a Dachshund who was chasing a ball, he drank water and let everyone pet him. On the way home- he slept-AND licked at his right front paw! I thought maybe he had gotten a small splinter from some of the wood chips. When I got home he was walking like I used to walk after a long night of dancing in heels at the local Studebaker’s (a whole ‘nother story there!). So I examined his right front paw-and saw he had actually rubbed a raw, pink spot on it. Upon further examination of his left paw-I found that one was raw too. Poor little baby! The vet said keep him quiet and still-yeah right. And try to bandage with some Neosporin. Well-I wonder if the kind Dr. has ever tried to put shoes on an octopus? Probably not-but that’s what doing anything to P-dog’s feet amounts to. But he has been “quiet and still” on his own. He is hurting. I’ve got one more pain pill left from his surgery-and I will give it to him today to try and help the pain. But this is what it looks like~

Area outlined in pencil-looks painful, huh? Poor thing! Sweet little puppy feet!

Area outlined in pencil-looks painful, huh? Poor thing! Sweet little puppy feet!

Hopefully he will be up and around again soon.  For now-he is resting on the couch-wow-tough life!!




~ by Rhonda on April 20, 2009.

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