The life that almost wasn’t~

Fatso and Tiny-sisters 4-ever

Fatso and Tiny-sisters 4-ever

Aren’t they sweet?  My Mom came over today to meet them-and just couldn’t get over their size difference. Fatso is now 10 oz (she was born at 6oz), and Tiny was born at 2 and 3/4 oz-and is now 3 and 1/4 oz.  They were born Sunday morning, and without going into all the details-let’s just say it was a very stressful morning for all, especially the mom-Peaches.  She’s rejected Tiny-knowing by instinct that she was weak and not supposed to live.  Instead focusing all of her attention on the 2nd born, Fatso.  And she is being a great mother.  But that left us with a dilemma.  When Tiny was born barely breathing, we could have just let nature take it’s course-or so most would say.  But we didn’t, and now she is thriving.  Although the vet said my goal the first two weeks it to just keep her alive-I am very hopeful about her future.  She loves attention-even at this size she is a very demanding young lady.  We bottle feed her pretty much on demand-trying to get more weight on her.  She sleeps in her makeshift bed, made in the top drawer of my nightstand.  But she likes sleeping on me more-where she can feel my warmth and hear my heartbeat. We all love on her and hold her while she’s sleeping or squirming.

The events of this past week have gotten me to thinking. If people do this for animals born small, fragile and weak-why do some feel it unnecessary to do it when a human baby is born.  Babies are born weak, prematurely, fragile, unexpectedly-we need to take care of them.  I know of mother’s who have learned early in their pregnancies that their babies would die prior to or shortly after their births. Yet they chose to carry them as long as God would allow.  And if they are born living-they spend every moment with them God will allow. Sometimes it’s just minutes, hours and sometimes days.  But they continue to nurture by holding, caring for and loving that precious little baby, until God calls them home.  Please Thank God for your healthy babies-who might be growing up fast, and pray for those who have had to travel the rougher road. Losing children at any age is unbearable.


~ by Rhonda on May 1, 2009.

One Response to “The life that almost wasn’t~”

  1. adorable! i just love the names…fatso and tiny. poor fatso though she may turn out to be a trim little girl:)! your blog looks great!

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