The drive from HELL!

Ok-so I took my Mom to meet my sister in Chattanooga last nite-so she could spend a few days with my sister, who lives outside of Nashville. I took Tiny along too cause I knew she would need to be fed before I got home-and even though I am sure my husband could have done that very well-he might have drawn the line at making her pee and poo. So off we went-Me, Tiny, Mom and her dog Katie. Katie-by the way-felt the need to straddle from the back seat to the front console-so with any little turn of the steering wheel, or sudden deceleration of the car went flying either sideways or forward-who said dogs are SMART??? Anyway-she never learned-but we got used to it-and apparently so did she. We met at a Cracker Barrel on I24 at Exit 174. Oh-and I forgot to mention that somewhere between Dalton and Chattanooga we saw a house fire on the access road near the highway. My heart went out to that poor family-it was incredible to see the power of the flames-which rose above the tops of the trees!

While Tiny had been sleeping comfortably in her new little doggie house

Adorable huh?

Adorable huh?

-and probably would have been fine in the car alone-we weren’t so sure that Katie would resist the temptation to check out the little doggie house. Maybe the thought would have never crossed her mind-but just maybe-she would have given in to the curiosity-and I’m sure that has killed more than just the Cat! So we decided to take Tiny into the restaurant in her new Doggie Purse.

Precious, no?

Precious, no?

Who would know-except for the fact that picking her up and moving her to said Doggie purse woke her up. But no worries-she eventually settled down-and we were able to have a nice dinner. I fed her before we got back on the road, and put her in the doggie house-and off we went.

Now don’t get me wrong-I love road trips-and Chattanooga isn’t that far at all. In fact, my sisters “half” way drive was really more than half way for her. But I am also battling a scratchy, sore, and itchy left eye (which feels like it is about to POP out of my head), and I am sure it is working it’s way towards Pink eye. UGH! Add to that the darkness, the ominous cloudy sky, my full tummy and then the monsoon downpour!!! That all made fora very tired, sleepy irritable driver (ME!).  So picture this-me tired, sleepy and cranky, monsoon rains, pitch black dark and not-so-perfect-functioning left eye-searching and praying that my TOMTOM will tell me where is the next closest Starbucks! Oh thank GOD!  At that exit in Dalton where they have all sorts of good eateries!  So I pull into the Starbucks drive thru at 1017pm-no answer………..hello!!!!!!!!!…anyone home????  Hmm-well to heck with this-I heard that Mickey D’s has some new coffee drink. Mocha is it?  So I went there and ordered-and the little country lady delivered my drink to me (I had to pull up because as she put it “me and the coffee beans had an fight!”) as I sat in the parking lot.  Oh my GOODNESS!!!  I needed that! I LOVE the Mocha! now -I don’t know if this is how they always taste-and it wasn’t even that it was really sweet and candy tasting (like I like it!)-but it woke me up and made my lips tingle (is that a bad thing?)-and got me home.  I was one tired puppy (well there were two of us actually), and never so glad to get home.

My mom is already having a good time-playing my sister’s piano (which used to be hers) and enjoying my sister’s company.  So even though it was tiring, and seemed long-it was well worth it.  See-I can complain, yet still be Thankful!


~ by Rhonda on May 6, 2009.

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