I HATE bees! Any kind of bees, meaning-anything with more than 4 legs, that buzzes, pollenates, stings, has wings!, you get my drift right?? I used to bee (ha!) allergic to Honey Bees, Yellow Jackets, Wasps, Yellow and Whitefaced hornets. I wasn’t allergic as a small child, only beginning in the 6th GRADE! Who knew you could DEVELOPE and allergy to bees???? I went to Delonegah GA with my friend Kem and her parents. Sitting in the grass-I guess I pissed off a couple of yellow jackets by putting my hadn down on them (angry little turds!), and they stung me! OUCH!!! Did you know that yellow jackets usually leave their stingers in you-and the venom just keeps pulsing into your flesh? They do! So into the house we go, all the while I am getting more and more hives (no-not the things bees live in silly!), and even though I got stung on my fingers, my neck and face are beginning to swell. Hmmmmmmmmm….they ask “Are you allergic to bees?” Me-while red, swollen and gasping for air “no m’am”. Well I don’t remember at what point they decided to NOT believe me-maybe when my eyes rolled back into my head and I became limp from anaphylactic shock? They rushed me to the closest ER, and by the time we got there they had to give me…oh.. crap-what is that stuff that keeps your heart beating? Oh yeah-EPINEPHRINE!!!!!! I don’t remember any of that-they just told me the stories. So began my 10 year long odyssey of allergy shots. First they had to test me-that was not fun. Imagine being pin pricked hundreds of times with actual bee venom??? Yeah-itching my butt off is right! Then they determined I was in fact allergic-no sh** sherlock!

Well I follow several blogs-one of them being this

(ok-I am lame and am having trouble inserting links this morning.) But go to her post about capturing a swarm of bees.

And on this particular post-she and her husband Clay (well mostly Clay) have to move a swarm of bees that decided they didn’t like their little hive anymore. Be sure to read this post (oh heck-go on and read the whole blog-it’s good stuff and she’s funny and all get out!)

Then-make sure you don’t miss the video diary too-cause that’s so funny I almost peed my pants!

I am not allergic anymore-but this video gave me HIVES!!



~ by Rhonda on May 7, 2009.

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