How to Make A Puppy Poop-101

Did you ever wonder “Do puppies poop when they are little babies?” , “If puppies poop, who cleans it up? Where does it go?” or “How big is a puppy’s poop?”.  I have those answers and many more.  First of all-yes they poop-from the time they are born!  Remember when your kids were born-and little bitty babies, and their first few poops were that black, tarry stuff that seemed to multiply? The more you wiped-the more there was?  Well-a newborn puppy’s poop is sort of like that, only most people never know that, because it is the Mamma dog’s job to change the diaper clean the poop. How does a Mamma dog do that? You really want to know, huh? Are you sure? Now’s your chance to log off if you don’t really want to know how she does it………….okay-too late!  She EATS IT!!!!!!!!  Yep-she not only eats it-she MAKES the puppy poop (and tinkle) by licking their hiney! Aren’t you glad that we are humans??? I know I am! Anyway…that’s why there’s never any poop in the puppy box, and they are always so clean and smell like roses…..until she gets tired of doing it, and gets ready to kick them out of the puppy box.  Well-the problem here is that I am hand-raising one of Peaches’ puppies.  I feed her, clean her with a warm wet rag, and I have to make her poop and pee.  NO! I DO NOT LICK HER!!!  I drew the line at that-however cute Tiny is-she ain’t that cute!!! SO I just use a warm cotton ball and that does the trick. And boy does she do the job!  As Andy put it “Well at least we know that end works!”.  She didn’t min d it so much when she was smaller (like the size of a small nectarine), but now that she is the size of a navel orange-she isn’t liking it so much.  It’s annoying, especially when she had rather suck that bottle of formula til it runs out her nose and makes her bloated like a puffer fish! She squirms, squeals and just generally pitches a fit!  But folks-I have to hand it to her. She is the toughest little bundle of squirming, hairy sweetness I have ever seen! I am totally over the moon with her!  Her sister Fatso -well it’s a given that she is a cutie-she’s fat, plump and very soft and squishy. But Tiny has to work harder at it-her bones stick out in places, and her hair is thinner-but on my is she a scrawny little bundle of love.  Her eyes are beginning to open, and she’s moving around.

Behold the beauty~all 5.9 oz. of it~

What a cute little nose.....Ahhhhhhhh-the CUTENESS!

What a cute little nose.....Ahhhhhhhh-the CUTENESS!

And the “BIG” sister-now weighing in at a hefty 1lb 9 oz.

" I can't help that I'm bigger!"

" I can't help that I'm bigger!"

Yes-even with all the Puppy Pooping going on around here-we are smitten with Puppy Love!


~ by Rhonda on May 13, 2009.

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