At A Loss For Words

I am at a loss for words that after 31 years of being gainfully employed with a job of some type-I now, today find myself without a job. Yes friends-it finally happened to me.  I’ve had a lot of jobs-some I loved-and some I didn’t so much, but I was always grateful to have one. Until this day, I have never been fired, laid off, surplussed, etc. I know that being in the travel business-I was lucky to have held on this long. And it was only by the grace of God, that I worked for a larger company that had a wonderful following.   A lot of agencies closed after 9/11, and hundreds of agents were then out of work.

I’ve worked at Burger King-that was my first job.  I was in the summer of my Junior year of high school-and my sister was a summer missionary at the Grand Canyon. I wanted to take my first ever airplane flight out to see her, but Daddy said I had to get a job to pay for my airline ticket.  So BK it was. I loved their food! So working there wasn’t so bad!  Then I went to Burlington Coat Factory-that job was fun cause there were alot of kids my age working there-it was in the early eighties and we got a discount on the great clothing they had there!!  Then I went to work at an Office supply store. Which doesn’t really sound that great-but back then there weren’t any Office Depot’s or Staples’.  We truly had to know our stuff-and it was a family run business-where we were ALL like family. I had some odd jobs, baby sitting, cocktail waitressing (which I really LOVED!!), and then I sold Automotive paint. Yep-that was cool-and I am still great friends today with the owners’ daughter. Who was my sister’s college room-mate and then performed my wedding ceremony!  Let’s see-then I worked as a front office manager for a downtown Atlanta hotel.  I met lots of interesting people there! Then I got my first job as a Nanny in North Carolina-I worked there for 2 years and became very close to that family. The situation changed there-so I moved onto Aspen Colorado and worked for another family. With that family, I got to travel a lot-seeing much of Hawaii, Australia, Canada and California. By 1988, my both my best friend and my sister were pregnant with their first children-and I chose to move back home to be close to them.  My Mom and Dad said they thought I would make a good travel agent-so they paid for my travel agent school.  That’s what started it, and it’s be going strong ever since.  I’ve done some more traveling, met tons of nice people from all over the world and enjoyed it.   I kept doing it because I loved it-but also because it was the only thing I really knew how to do.  Over the last few months-DH had mentioned to me he thought I needed to go back to school.  I am finally going to take that step-and start a second career. I’m not sure what yet-I know God has a plan for me though.  I do feel bad that there were 6 of us affected today, but we were offered other jobs within our company, or other compensation.  I know most who get laid off are not so lucky. I am very Thankful to God that I am!

I have a wondeful family, wonderful friends and my health-God is truly good!  If you have a job today-Thank God for it! And pray for those who are searching.

With neverending Faith in my Father~



~ by Rhonda on May 14, 2009.

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