I hope you dance……

“And when you get the choice to sit it out or dance, I hope you dance…”

Yes-those are the lines from the LeeAnn Womack song-I Hope You Dance.  And DANCE I DID!!!!  With my music blaring loud, the warm, cleansing waters of my shower on me this morning-I DANCED!!!  I stopped mid-jig to remind myself “you, my dear, are among the unemployed.”, and then I kept right on dancing.  I figure I could look at this whole “getting laid off” thing a couple of ways.  I could either be bitter, angry, resentful and spend all my time wishing the powers that held my fate in ther hands, get some sort of awful flesh-eating disease and wither away painfully, OR…..I could make the best, and most out of the situation.  I chose to do the latter, among the reasons being the one that it just takes too much damned energy to be bitter, angry and resentful (I know- been there, done that!)  Another reason being that I am excited to go back to school and learn a new career.  I am also excited about having a few long overdue lunch dates with my hubby and close friends, sleeping late, getting some organizing work done around my house and, oh yeah CATCHING UP ON SOME SLEEP!!  I think I might have already mentioned that one-but who cares. IT bears repeating.

It was SO weird to get up this morning knowing I don’t have a job.  After 14 years with the same company, 20 years in the travel industry, and 31 years total of having a job.  I’ll get another one-I am confident in that.  With my family, their wonderful love and support, and faith in God-it will be okay.  But I still have those momentary bouts of sheer panic-but they don’t last long now.

Have a wonderful weekend~



~ by Rhonda on May 15, 2009.

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