Who needs a Bible?

I have a few King James bibles to give away for free. I don’t believe in that stuff anymore, so if you know of someone who can use these, you’re welcome to them.
If they aren’t gone by Sunday, they’re going to the recycling bin in the sky.

This is an add we found posted on a popular website.

Seriously? Who posts something like this?  It makes me sad. Maybe it’s someone who’s lost their job, having financial difficulties-and just lost hope and/or faith. Maybe it’s someone who feels betrayed by God, and is angry at Him because they lost a loved one to a horrible disease, or tragic accident.  Maybe a young mother who’s child suddenly, and inexplicably died from an accident or horrible thing such as SIDS. Maybe it’s someone who grew up in a loveless household-and they’re searching for answers….I don’t know.  But it truly tears at the depths of my soul.  I want to pick up the Bibles-and have emailed them about it. But more than anything I want to reassure them that they shouldn’t give up hope.  There are plenty of reasons to believe!!!  I know people from all of those situations and they still believe too.  I want this person to know that we are all searching-but just because we don’t get the answers we want-doesn’t mean we don’t get the answers we NEED. We might not know we are getting what we need-but I pray everyday for God to help me know the difference.  Because I don’t want to miss a blessing-and when He sends me what I need-that’s just what He is doing,  BLESSING ME.  Yeah-I lost my job, I’ve lost loved ones and been depressed. I’ve even had moments where I dared God to show me His plan, and let me know He is who HE says HE is.  And every time He’s done it.  And I will keep on believing that He will do it….over and over…and over and over.  Please pray that this person will once again believe-and maybe God can use me to do that.


~ by Rhonda on May 30, 2009.

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