Goodbye Sweet Malachi~

Update-June 15 2009~

I didn’t list the link for Malachi’s story, or say how he passed-but here it is~

You all know (well those of you who have been reading a while) how much I adore animals-and just how much I love my own. We had a couple of horses when we were young (among the chickens, quail, baby goat, etc), and that instilled in my sister and I the love of horses. We love everything about them-their smell, sounds, feel and most of all their personalities. We’ve ridden together over the years-and those were some of my fondest memories. Even if you aren’t a horse lover in particular-the following will break your heart. This man-Joe Camp is a lover of horses extrodanaire! He lost a beloved colt over the last few days.

I haven’t yet read his book-but am going to buy it this week….he seems like an incredible person, and my heart is breaking for him over the loss of Malachi. Please send him your sympathies for his loss.

Sweet little Malachi-you will be missed~

Sweet little Malachi-you will be missed~


~ by Rhonda on June 8, 2009.

One Response to “Goodbye Sweet Malachi~”

  1. Girl ~ I sat here and read the story of them going to get Noelle and the days ahead until Malachi was born and after. What a sweet sweet story. I didn’t see on the website how he died. Can you send that to me? His story was so touching. I love animals, as you are well aware of!!

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