Time Out!!

Ok-I promise to no longer lament the fact that I am jobless.  I am going to own it.  I am embracing the fact that  now have the time to take my mom to her Dr’s appts, without having to worry about my boss breathing down my neck as to when I will be back in the office.  I am reveling in the fact that I, too, can catch up on some long overdue Dr’s appts (dentist for cleaning, physical and lab work, etc).  I can’t wait to be a “Guide” at Vacation Bible School at the end of this month-I want to know the kids at my new church better.  I have so enjoyed cooking and planning dinners-and having plenty of time to do that.  Not that I couldn’t do it when I worked full-time-but I just didn’t feel like I had the energy.  I can’t tell you how  much more relaxed I am-much less stress, less worry and not the sense of urgency and doom I sometimes had before.  (I think those are all signs of some major illness that would probably put me in a padded room if I crossed the line from this world to the “other” world-the world of depression).  And I must admit-not all days are so sunny for me. Last Thursday was a VERY bad day-the first really bad one I’ve had since “the day”, but Friday came-God allowed me to wake up and once again experience His amazing love-and so it passed.

Isn’t it amazing how we put our lives on hold for our “jobs”??  It’s ludicrous that I would put off my health for my work, just because asking for time off  (even though I have plenty of it!), might rub someone the wrong way.  I will never do that again!  I have learned that doing that is a form of neglect-and I won’t allow it anymore.   So here’s to living life to the fullest!!!!  I encourage you to do the same!!

On a sadder note-a sweet little box turtle met it’s fate yesterday in front of our house.  Now listen people-we don’t live on a busy street-AT ALL!  And Beka saw it in the road when she left yesterday morning, and thought about getting out and moving it-but then she thought “Really, how hard is it to MISS a turtle?  The road is wide and he is small.”  So, she didn’t move it.  Well, someone RAN OVER IT! UGH! I ask you again-how hard is it to miss a turtle??? Now we aren’t talking about a busy road, where you can’t move over or slow down, OR a busy highway-in those circumstances-I completely get it. Human life is more important.  It was sad, and gross. I didn’t go out for a close-up. I know-right? Me, the kid that used to beg her dad for the bird’s gizzard when he was cleaning it.  And then today when we returned home it seemed as though the crows had gotten to it-nothing but shell.  RIP Mr. Turtle 😦

Have a great week!!


~ by Rhonda on June 14, 2009.

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