Hot, Hot, Hot!!

It’s hot outside.   Duh, I know-it’s summer, right?  Not even officially yet-and it’s almost reaching triple digits here in the Metro Atlanta area, with the humidity at 150% it seems.  My neighbors up the street are having a “Block” party.  Actually, I don’t know how they could call it that, when actually-it’s just the regular street-with houses on each side.  No cul-de-sac or circle for people to congregate in.  And I’m not trying to be anti-social, but when I can sit at home in my nice climate controlled, air conditioned, mosquito free home (That I am VERY thankful for!!). Why in the HELL would I want to go sit outside, have to put on sticky bug spray (cause the freakin mosquitos around here will pick your butt up and carry you off-THEN suck out all your blood!), have sweat running all down in my nether regions, my hair wet with said sweat and having NO style at all, make small talk when all I really want to do is jump into a pool of ice cubes, eat food that’s been sitting out and had God knows what flying over it and crawling on it, oh! and lest I forget to mention watching the kids jump in the hot rubber jumpy thing that’s got to be at least 500 degrees inside at 5 o’clock in the afternoon…….No-not so much. I don’t want to go to the “Block” party.  I appreciate them asking-but maybe when it’s actually a “Block” or “Cul-de-sac” party, and it’s cool enough that you aren’t perspiring underneath your eyelids and everywhere else.  It’s so danged hot my dogs don’t even want to be out in it.


~ by Rhonda on June 20, 2009.

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