Happy Father’s Day

I lay in bed this morning (and I say this  morning because it is now 2am and I am just now going to bed..you see I have this horrible addiction to Blogs, and it’s like reading the latest NY Times bestseller, when you find a good one-you just can’t put it down!)-anyhow, as I lay there looking at my husband, watching him sleep peacefully, I thought of all the things in him I am grateful for.  He is a GREAT father (although a bit more lenient than I at times-evidence the late model mustang my 16 year old drives), he is a great provider, a great friend, the love of my life, he is kind, considerate, funny (but sometimes not as funny as he thinks he is), he loves our animals, he loves my mom almost as much as his own (and would do anything for her), he loved my Dad-and spent valuable times with him making some of his last wishes come true, .  I just can’t name all of his good qualities and attributes.  Yeah-he’s not perfect, he has a few flaws, and I could list those too. But honestly, there are so few-why bother?  I am glad God saved him for me!!  Happy Father’s Day Honey-I love you!

Andy for blog


~ by Rhonda on June 21, 2009.

One Response to “Happy Father’s Day”

  1. Tell Andy I said “Happy Father’s Day”. Hope you all enjoyed your day!

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