Mom, Can I Have Your Keys?

Many of you read my first post about my Mom and her recent diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease here-

She had a follow-up today with the neurologist-who is very nice- and it wasn’t so good. Where she scored a 23 out of 30 possible points on the test used to evaluate the level of her disease last time, today she only scored an 18. He’s compared the results of her most recent ct to the one she had several years ago-and there has been major shrinkage in the brain tissue. Which they also use to determine disease and the level, and the progression. He wants her to stop driving, and when I asked him when, he replied “Like yesterday.”  And all the way out of the Dr’s office, and to the car-she was insisting “Well I’m GONNA drive!”  So the challenge that lies ahead, for my sister and I is not an easy one.

How do you take someone’s keys away? A woman whose mother NEVER drove, and never had the kind of independence my mother does. My mom has ALWAYS been independent. She bowls once a week, she drives her 85 year old best friend around, she plays piano at church 3 times a week, and comes to my house alot. It will not be easy; taking her car away, finding a place that is deserving of her presence, moving her from her home of 47 years, having to take her everywhere (I don’t mind-but she will not like it), and dealing with her anger and grief over the whole situation.

And as the day has gone on, and job possibilities have gone, come and then gone again; I realized that this has GOD written all over it.  How much of a God thing is it that I haven’t been without a job in 31 years, and now when I find myself without one, my mother needs me more than ever?  It is so totally just like something God would do. Now all I have to do is accept it, own it and surrender to it.  Anyone got a white flag???


~ by Rhonda on June 25, 2009.

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