Promises, Promises….

The day we found out that my Dad had brain tumors, and subsequently Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, his concern was not for himself, but for his bride of almost 50 years. “Who will take care of Betty?”, he asked me, sitting on the side of his hospital bed, waiting for the doctors to come in.   I told him to please not worry about Mom, and promised to take care of her.  We both cried, and many times more over the next weeks and months, he expressed his concern over Mom’s well being to me, Kellie, Andy and Lynne.  And we all promised him that we would take good care of her.

In light of the news from her neurologist this week, and in anticipation of today’s meeting with her, I’ve not slept good, and I’ve had an upset stomach since Thursday.  Kellie spoke with her by phone Friday, and she said just by the tone of mom’s voice, she could hear and feel the anger and resentment.  Mom’s response was, “Well come on-we’ll discuss is.”. Like- you can come-but I am not saying I’ll go along with it.  Kellie drove down first thing this morning from Tennessee, and we met at my house and strategized. I made Mom’s siblings aware of what was going on, asked for their prayers, and those of others, and we both went to her house; prepared for battle.  God was so gracious, and we felt the prayers around us. It went well-and Mom decided, after being presented with her options, to move in with my family, into our finished basement.  When Andy and I bought this house, we did so because of the finished basement and the possibility that one of our mothers might one day need to live with us.  Mom ASKED me if she could move into my basement………….”OF COURSE!!” I replied, not even having to check with Andy.  I knew it was the right thing to do.  I knew God would handle the situation, and he did. Now that’s not to say there won’t be rough patches, I know there will.  We will be preparing the basement-cleaning it up, packing up my craft supplies, etc.  A lot to do before next weekend-but it must be done.  It is exciting for me because I will have more time with my mother, and my daughter will get to know her better.  Mom will be safe, have someone around all the time, and feel at home.  She stayed here for about 6 weeks after her heart surgery, but she didn’t have her own space. Now she will, and she can decorate it as she pleases.  We have a busy year ahead of us; cleaning her house, organizing an estate sale, but we are up for the challenge.  I am glad I am available to do it.  I haven’t given up the job search, but right now I know God is telling me this is my job.  My Mom-she needs me-and I am honored to be the one (okay-ask me in a month-I might feel less honored 🙂 ).

My beautiful Mom-Mother's Day 2009

My beautiful Mom-Mother's Day 2009


~ by Rhonda on June 27, 2009.

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