All Aboard! Next stop, the Looney Bin!!!

And I say that about myself, not any of my family members!  And ya’ know, we haven’t had a breezy day in a while-and even though it is still 93 or more degrees outside-there is a very nice breeze blowing today.  I should have known when I saw that breeze, that on those winds would come something wicked. Remember that movie “Something Wicked This Way Comes”?  That’s sort of the feeling I should have had, but I didn’t.  Still just trying to clean, move out, pack up and adjust my household for my mother’s arrival.   And I was even naive to think I might actually get a bit of a nap today.  After I lay down, just before drifting off to that lovely land of forbidden, sweet bliss that comes with a much needed mid-day nap, I thought to my self “Self, you should call and remind Mom that Beka will pick her up at so-and-so time for church tonight.” So I called to tell her, and was surprised when she said “Oh, I am going to drive myself.”  What in the name of Sam Hill (who is he anyway?) did she just say to me? Do my ears betray me?????  I was in my car on my way over to her house so fast it would make not just your head spin, but your whole body feel as if you were in a tornado!  I had to do the unthinkable-and take my mother’s car keys away from her.  I sure do appreciate  all the support I had from those I called in a panic (sorry Kellie, Jack and Jo!!), asking them if I was dong the right thing.  It was ugly, unpleasant, painful, degrading, and every other word you can think of.  To have to actually take her keys away. She promised me on Saturday she would not drive until we could get her over here to my house.  One of my panic moment supporters said “Take a Xanax!”  I thought a pitcher of margaritas would be more fitting, but then I thought, hmmmmmmmmmmmmm…..maybe a bit of both??? Naw-just kidding. But seriously-which one would be the stronger of the two? Enough to make me functional, but non-emotional about the whole thing???  So goes the story of my life. Of course-if it were easy, it wouldn’t really be life now, would it?

Oh-and to make things even nicer….my husbands right knee, his ARTIFICIAL knee is totally messed up and he can barely walk. One colleague says he will be in surgery within the week.

YIKES!!! Stop the freaking train! I want to get off!!!!

I will send you all my address and room number when I get out of this straight jacket. Do they let you have sharp objects to write with in an insane asylum??

Update-my Mother just called to apologize to me for being so angry. This is killing me, and breaking my heart in two. Please pray for God to give us both the strength!


~ by Rhonda on July 1, 2009.

One Response to “All Aboard! Next stop, the Looney Bin!!!”

  1. That would work! Love you Sis!

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