My Road to Fame!!

Ok-so maybe not really-but this is so cool.  But of course first you have to hear a little background (I know -BOOOOORING!). So anyhow-in January of this year when I decided that I wanted to be a photographer-I posted an add on Craig’s List.

It was kind of like so……..”New photographer wanting to build portfolio will take your pictures for free, in exchange for the right to use photos in advertising for and on my website.”

I got alot of responses.  I took pictures of some beautiful jewelry for a wonderful lady ( Shout out to ya’ Marlene!), and then I got an email from an up and coming Hip/Hop Rap artist.  She was wonderful, and I met her Mom and son too! We had a great time at the photo shoot, and she told me she would be using some of those pictures when she released her new CD!  Well here they are!!!!  I almost cried when I saw them! Of course she sent them to her graphic artist guy in NY, and he added the cool things, but the pictures are mine!  You never know who God will bring into your life, and though she and I are very different, I feel honored to know her and be involved with her music career!  It’s called “Crippled Pretty” because she had some health issues she had to overcome to do this!

Toni Hickman CD Book

Toni Hickman CD Book

Toni Hickman Tray Card

Toni Hickman Tray Card

Toni Hickman CD Cover

Toni Hickman CD Cover


~ by Rhonda on July 7, 2009.

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