Ants at the Fants

A much more interesting post, with pictures of cute little cuddly babies and toddlers is promised later this week, but for now I must share my living hell with you. ANTS-we haz ’em!  I HATE them. To me they are a kin to lice. They are in my kitchen, all over the place, but not at the same time. One day they will decorate the window sill over my sink, the next day the window sill over my counter, near the stove, then last night I found them in my dishwasher!  But I gave those stinkers a bath they won’t soon forget.  On the Pots and Pans cycle no less!  But, have no fear……….a dear friend of mine has a treatment he assures me will work.  Haven’t found any info about it on the met yet, so I’m not sure it’s totally legal (just kidding), but at this point I am DESPERATE!!!!!!!!!  I will keep you informed on my progress.  I am expecting the critter  killing contraband tomorrow…….Stay tuned!!


~ by Rhonda on July 13, 2009.

One Response to “Ants at the Fants”

  1. It has been my experience that ant colonize in areas that are dry. They come inside in search of water. If you water around your home more frequently they won’t come in. Try cinnimon powder, they won’t cross it but it will stain grout. Good luck

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