Shark Infested Waters

How uncool and inappropriate is it to ask about acquiring the belongings of someone who was recently deceased?  I mean on THE DAY OF THEIR FUNERAL???????  Yes-believe it or not, at my fathers funeral there were actually a few people who expressed an interest in having some of his belongings.  Not for sentimental value mind you. But purely for their own personal satisfaction or gain.  One man asked about having some of my Dad’s clothing. My Dad was a larger man, and so was this particular person.  Another asked about some of his hunting gear.  I have to tell you that I was, and still am, totally appalled!  The same way that I am appalled now by the fact that less than 24 hours after my mother moved in with me, one of her siblings was inquiring about obtaining something she had at her house. An item we’ve had since growing up, that has been in storage, and probably doesn’t even work anymore.  I am furious to say the least. While my mother was on the phone with that person (who for now shall remain nameless), I told her to let her know that we would let her know when the Estate sale was and she could come by then.  Well, would you believe she called her about it again TODAY???? OMGOSH!   I’ve never heard of a more insensitive thing in my life. This is the same sibling that wants to try and tell me how to handle mom and her condition.  I have news for her, when she starts coming to help, visit, take her to the doctor, etc-then we can talk about what, if any of my mother’s possessions you might get.

Sorry folks for the bluntness of this post-but I HAD to get that off my chest for now.  I promise a more thought provoking and introspective post this weekend. Thank for being my sounding board!



~ by Rhonda on July 18, 2009.

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