“Night fever, Night fever……….

We know how to do it~
Gimme that night fever, night fever
We know how to show it”

You know it don’t you? That song by the Bee Gees for the movie Saturday Night Fever?  Well I’ve had it-the fever that is-and on Saturday night too!  I had it Sunday night and Monday night too.  It all started with me being a good Samaritan, and letting my daughter’s boyfriend stay at our house last week (Thursday night I believe), when he was sick.  Okay, okay! And before you go any further with “Wow, she is more stupid than I thought!” , I’ll explain a bit further, and then if you still don’t get it-that’s your problem, not mine.  He is a very nice guy, who is trying to be responsible and live on his own and work a full time job. All of his room-mates were gone, there are some problems with his parents (meaning HE is the more responsible of the bunch-if you get my drift), and he had been throwing up all day.  And of course I didn’t want him there along, that sick, and the other option was for my daughter to stay there-a big fat NOT!  So anyway-they come home, I take his temp. and before I manage to faint because it is 101.3! I shove some Advil down his throat and put him in the guest room.  It had been a long time since anyone in this house had a fever that high.  And trust me-I knew by the looks of the boy I had nothing to worry about, I knew when he hit the bed he wouldn’t be moving until he either got up to vomit again or pee!  He looked awful!  My husband and I felt comfortable with our decision. Then I took said daughters temp-it was at about 100 degrees.  She wouldn’t take any Advil-but once he was settled, we got her tucked in too.  Woke up at 8am the next morning-and his temp was down to 100-WHEW! Not gone, but better…..gave him more Advil.  Hnoestly I never thought more of it until Friday night my throat started feeling a bit tight..so I used my inhaler.  I was very glad my Saturday morning photo shoot did not materialize, because that day I felt worse. My hubby was already coughing and crap too.  Then early Sunday morning, I got up to potty, and for the heck of it I took my temperature-HOLYRAMENNOODLES!!!!!!!!!! It was 102 degrees!!!!!  Ok-so I now had the record. I.CAN.NOT.AFFORD.TO.BE.SICK people!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I just moved my mother in with me and my hubby is scheduled for a very intense knee replacement revision (read here the Dr. had to redo some of what he’s already done!). None of us can afford to be sick!!!! I stayed in the bed all day Sunday, and kept my fever down wit Advil.  First thing Monday morning I went to the Dr. Diagnosis-Sinus infection that’s moved into my chest, with a right ear infection-RX-he gave me super powerful antibiotic, oh and a lovely medicine to cure the yeast infection that it will ultimately cause too! Blegh!
But never fear~we are all finally on our way to complete health again. I knew it was serious when I wasn’t hungry 🙂

May you all be blessed with only good germs~



~ by Rhonda on July 28, 2009.

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