It’s ONLY Pneumonia!

Only PNEUMONIA you say??? Who in the heck WANTS to have pneumonia??  Well, after 3 different people have listened to your chest and said “your lungs sound good!”, but you’ve had an abnormal chest x-ray, THEN an abnormal stat lung CT, and no one has said yet that you have pneumonia-so of course you’re worried that means they think it is something else…more serious!  You are elated when the lung dr (a.k.a. the pulmonologist-but that word is too long and complicated for me to type!), finally says-“you have a mild case of pneumonia!”  Yes-my husband wound up with pneumonia (his first time-yes he is was a pneumonia virgin).  Remember how caring we were when we took in my daughters sick boyfriend, and gave him Advil and Gatorade-NOT HAPPENING AGAIN!!!!  Next time I will meet him at the door with the Advil, thermometer and some liquid electrolytes and send his skinny butt back to his own house!  I’m still coughing my head off-and that’s after 5 days of very strong antibiotics.  But I don’t have the compromised immune system that my husband does (due to his diabetes), so no pneumonia here! Nope-not for me! Just the wheezing, having to use the inhaler when I’m out in the hot, humid air for very long and the cough that makes my forehead feel like it will come flying off every time I cough, hack, whatever you want to call it.  And no-I don’t know what color my plemg is, because if I took the time to look at it, then I would be cleaning up vomit-and there’s no faster way to ruin my day!

So I will spend my nice, sunny, hot, and horribly humid Saturday inside catching up on laundry and reading.  I sure hope my sister has fun at the beach this week 🙂


~ by Rhonda on August 1, 2009.

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