Old sayings that are crazy and don’t make sense……

You know what I’m talking about, don’t you?  Things your mom and/or dad used to say to you, that you swore you would NEVER say to your kids, but you find yourself saying them all the time! Whew! Yes-those sayings!  Like, for instance, “This is gonna hurt me more than it will hurt you.” I knew that one was a LOAD of crap the first time I heard it.  Maybe the only time, cause my Daddy didn’t say that one alot. He really didn’t care how much it hurt me-he just wanted to teach me a lesson.  And how can parents say that when they aren’t the one (at the moment) on the other end of the paddle, belt, switch, etc. You get my drift.  Oh yeah-and this one “One day your face is gonna freeze like that!”  I wonder in my mom knew how many hours I spent TRYING to make my face freeze a certain way!  I also liked this one, “Don’t make me stop this car!”  Although my dad HARDLY ever stopped-except when we really had to pee!!! My favorite right now is “You’re only as old as you feel.”  I can tell you it’s a bad thing when your 78 year old mother “FEELS” healthier and younger than me! What does that say about me? Yeah, yeah, I know-she is losing her memory and all that jazz. But really-if I got a glowing medical physical report from my Vascular surgeon, cardiologist and my internal medicine doctor all in the span of 2 months, maybe the momery thing wouldn’t be so bad.  (NO! I am not making light of my mother’s mental state, but sometimes you really just have to laugh to keep from crying) .     She really is doing well-cute and petite and dresses sharp as a tack.  For our visit to the doctor today-she wore the prettiest blue pants suit with shoes and purse to match. Me? I had on my capris, t shirt and sneakers-ugh! That’s become my standard daily outfit.  Especially on day when I don’t “feel” young!

I’m sure there are more crazy, dumb sayings that you can think of-send ’em to me! I’d love to hear them!

Later Gator~



~ by Rhonda on August 13, 2009.

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