Lights, Camera, ACTION!!!!!!

I had so much fun today! I built the backdrop for my photography. Now I know what you all are saying, I can buy one, right? Well-I need one for this Friday night, and didn’t want to have to pay an arm and a leg to get it here in time.  AND, furthermore0all of the Wolf Camera stores near me a closing-there is only one left, and they didn’t have any.  They did have a light kit-so at least I was able to get those!  So the guy at Lowe’s, and my sweet hubby helped me design one that could be built out of PVC pipe. Man, I love that stuff now! It is easy to cut with out a power tool (HACKSAW!!), and lightweight enough to work with that it didn’t give me a hernia.  I got all that done, put my lights together and (crickets chirping here)…I had no one to photograph at that moment.  So I posted my need on Facebook, and low and behold-a sweet friend of mine offered up her kids for sacrifice! Not really-we were just going to take their pictures.  I told her to bring them dressed however she wanted, with whatever props they wanted.  And boy did they come!!  Those two kids were the hammiest kids I’ve ever seen! And we had a BLAST!!!!!!!!!!!! AND we got some great shots.  Thank you Callie and Frank Sam! You kids were awesome!!  Now your mom has something she can send your grandparents, so they won’t forget how you look 🙂

Anyway…………here they are. I am waiting for more un-suspecting subjects to come my way!! This practice is fun!!

We asked her to '"VOGUE"! What a cutie!

We asked her to '"VOGUE"! What a cutie!

Watch out MLB! Here comes the next great pitcher!!

Watch out MLB! Here comes the next great pitcher!!

Siblings........need I say more?

Siblings........need I say more?


~ by Rhonda on August 18, 2009.

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