A Long Way From Home…….

My mom used to travel alot.  Now, granted she didn’t get on a plane for the first time until she was 63-but then we couldn’t get her off!  She went to Hawaii with her friends, she went to California to visit my sister.  Then, with another friend she went international-Turkey, Greece, Israel, Scandinavia, Australia-you get the picture.  She had the TRAVEL BUG!!!  On one of her trips to the Holy Land-their tour operator had invited a certain missionary from Bulgaria to join them there-and take the tour with them. His name was Ron Smith.  He and my Mom hit it off. He was young enough to be her son-and they were soon fast friends-like a mother and son might be.  They wrote back and forth once she returned home, she celebrated when he found his soulmate and married her, and then on the birth of their daughter.  And when he came to the states to visit his family-they always made a point to meet for lunch.  Ron and his family are stateside-and he called Mom the other night.  She was glad to hear from him-and I could hear the emotion in her voice.  I knew that this time she wouldn’t be able to drive and meet him for lunch. Things have changed for her.  So I volunteered to take her and Erlene (a.k.a. her BFF) to meet Ron and his family for lunch today.  What a fun time we had.  Ron’s mother, his wife Michelle and their 2 year old daughter Katie met us there.  We had a great lunch, and let me just tell you-that little Katie is a pistol!  So smart, and talking like a 4 year old. I got some great shots of her. But what amazed me most-is the very sweet spirit of this child, her understanding well beyond her years.  If you ask her where she is from-she sweetly says “Bulgaria”.  When she talks on the phone in her Bulgarian home, she asks her mom or dad “is it English or Bulgarian?”  This cute picture was of her just before she hurled that biscuit across the table.  I told them to sign her up for baseball!

Biscuits anyone??

Biscuits anyone??

Please keep Katie, her mom and dad Ron and Michelle in your prayers as they minister to the needs of those in a foreign land~



~ by Rhonda on August 19, 2009.

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