All RAPPED up………..

This past weekend I went to an album release party for a dear friend of mine.  She’s had alot of battles to finally get where she is-and she has arrived.  The plan was for me to take pictures of her guests, print them out right there and sell them.  Plans change-and only God knows the reason why.  I spent all week getting prepared, building a backdrop, buying lights, printer, making business cards, etc. My DH (dear hubby) went with me, and we set our equipment up outside. And that wasn’t because we LOVED the 200% humidity, or the bugs; but because it was being held outside.  By the time the crowd began to arrive, the lightening we had been watching all night arrived as well, and along with it hurricane forced winds. My lights (brand new and NOT cheap!), and my 7X7 foot backdrop were blowing all over the place.  So we rushed to dismantle it and put it in the truck, then we moved inside with just one camera.

Now I know when most people hear the words “Rap Music”, they think it all has bad words.  Not all of it does, and this night several of the artists even gave God the thanks and glory.  It was refreshing, and I thoroughly enjoyed their performances.  Slimm Goodie and Uncle… you ROCK!!!!!!!  You see- the artist I was there for-Slimm Goodie (a.k.a Toni Hickman), has battled two brain aneurysms and a crippling stroke to get where she is today. The doctors told her mom to put her in a nursing home. Thank GOD she didn’t listen to them. One of her guests there-Keith-was told the same thing.  These young people are walking miracles.  Her friend Uncle rapped about how lucky he was that God saved him from a life of drugs, and that he is alive today.  We were hot, sweaty, hungry, wet, a long way from home at a very late hour, and very tired-but I have to tell you I really enjoyed it.  While DH and I were stopped on our way home to eat breakfast at I-Hop at 130am, we remarked about how long it had been since either of us had been out that late! We had fun together.  Toni text-ed me yesterday an apologized for the fact that the turnout was low, and I didn’t make any money.  But you know-sometimes it has to be about something else-and this particular night it was And I am glad I was there. Thank you honey for going with me!!



~ by Rhonda on August 24, 2009.

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