Bigger is not always better, and why people BUY their creamed corn!

I know, I know, that’s a long title-but how else could I have expressed it?  On the heels of my First Class win at church Sunday night for my spaghetti sauce (the secret is in the sauce!), I had to follow it up with something great for dinner last night, right? Yeah-that’s what I thought.  So I thought hmmmmmmmmmm…pork chops, home made creamed corn (my very first time), buttermilk cornbread (first time in a long time), something green and strawberry shortcake for desert (fresh berries chopped by me).  Pork chops-no problem, green vegetable-no problem (frozen broccoli), buttermilk cornbread-came out WONDERFUL!  Now which do you want to hear about first? Ok-the creamed corn it is……I thought 12 ears would be better than 8 since there’s never any left for leftovers.  It’s A LOT of work to cut, and then scrape 12 ears of corn.  I’ve the corn juice and bits all over myself and my kitchen to prove it too!  Next time-maybe only 8.  Or I might also have to get a bigger skillet!  Yes, now I know why people just buy the crap-it’s a heck of alot of work.  This was the first time I’d ever made it myself. I’ve watched others do it with ease-and thought “Oh, I can do that too!”  Now, on to the 3lbs of strawberries I just had to have for fresh strawberry shortcake-ugh!  That is a lot of strawberries once you start de-stemming (new word) them and cutting them up.  But all turned out great, and it was a huge success.  Good thing cause I probably won’t ever do all that at once again!

Yes, I know.  I can BUY strawberries already cut up and frozen with syrup, AND I can buy creamed corn-maybe next time 🙂


~ by Rhonda on September 1, 2009.

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