Fostering Love……….

I always said I could never foster an animal, much less a baby human being because I have this problem you see…….it’s an attachment thing.  Yeah-I get attached, that’s the problem.  Who knew last August when we took in a tiny, scrawny, flea and worm surviving puppy, that we would have still had him this August.  Presley was tiny, having been rescued by a co-worker’s husband from a very bad living situation.  We guesstimated he couldn’t be more than 4 weeks old at the most.  She knew I had Rat Terriers, and all it took was one email with a picture-and we were done for.  We brought him home looking like this (and what this picture doesn’t sow is the lack of hair on his neck from the fleas)-

not much bigger than a tennis ball.......

not much bigger than a tennis ball.......

He ate voraciously, gaining weight and growing new hair. Soon he looked like this…..

He loved napping with Dad.

He loved napping with Dad.

Then he grew to a handsome young man, and became a father……..

He watied while the babies were born.........

He waited while the babies were born.........

Then he grew restless, having so much energy that sometimes he ran blisters on his feet. We  knew he needed to be in a home where he was one of only 2 dogs, and could get more personal attention.  Today he left to go try out his new forever home-about 2 hours away. This young lady had a dog similar to Presley who passed away. He left with them, tail wagging and tongue hanging out, with my whole family crying-he didn’t know to be sad. He was just ready for a new adventure, he’s like that you see; very congenial, fun-loving and never meeting a stranger.  I think he will do well, I hope he does, but they know he always has a home here if it doesn’t work out.  Meanwhile we will adjust; Peet will stop looking for him after a few days-maybe.  We miss him dearly, but love him more and want him to be happy.  We love you Buddy-mind your new Mamma-and play nice with Poppy!

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~ by Rhonda on September 5, 2009.

2 Responses to “Fostering Love……….”

  1. I know that was the right thing to do but it sure does hurt. He is a great dog and very smart. I will miss him and all the crazy things he would do. Just look at his picture, that really captured how he could be, dirty feet from playing outside, shinny coat and a great expression on his face. Good luck buddy!

  2. I will miss the WILD MAN! He was more than I could handle, but he was so precious! Love all these pictures!!

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