Cute and silly things that happened today…

The first is cute….as I was driving out of my street this morning to go apply for college (yes, folks, at 46 I will be a “College Student”), there were two Bambi deer eating grass in my neighbors front yard.  I pulled right up and rolled down my window and just watched them.  I’m not sure what scared them off-my stalking them or the jerk behind me who couldn’t be bothered to go around me, or stop to smell the roses that honked at me!  He missed something sweet and special-and NO! I did not take a picture because I did the un-thinkable and left my other appendage known as my cell phone at home! I know! I couldn’t get back fast enough!!!

The second is silly-but also weird.  Did you ever see the movie “Forget Paris” with Debra Winger and Billy Crystal?  In it her father comes to live with them-and when he’s riding in the car-he names off every sign they pass.  So today Mom was doing that-“Publix, Orthodontist, SCRA, Beverly’s Day Spa………………………..(silence)……Hot Dog Heaven,  Bettle’s Hot Dog’s only $1.99…………you get it, right! It was funny haha and weird both at the same time.  Folks, we were in the car  ALOT today! I was sure glad to get home! But she had fun-we went to the GOODWILL heaven and shopped our hearts out!!


~ by Rhonda on September 8, 2009.

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