For Such A Time As This

Have you ever wondered, when something happens, why it happened?  Maybe why you are in a certain place at a certain time, with a certain person at a certain time?  Did you know that one of the emergency personnel who helped others out of the ill-fated WTC buildings, but did not survive himself, had been rescued himself by a comrade many years before?  It’s a neat story that was in my local paper recently.  Stuff happens all the time to me, and most of the time I am just too involved in the world of “Rhonda” to notice God’s hands working in my life and around me.  I worry you see-I am a WORRIER!  But more and more in my Bible studies and lessons I am being reminded NOT to worry. Really, I mean what will it accomplish?  It won’t change the outcome of a diagnosis, a test score, any situation really.  I have been worrying lately-not having a job, where will the money come from, how will I do on my placement test for college, etc.  And God gave me the most amazing gift………FAITH-but not my own.  My husband has been holding me up lately, and I am ashamed. Thankful, but ashamed.  Today, after I took my placement test, handled some ugly unemployment business-and then prayed to God-Thanking him for giving me a faithful and supportive husband-my day turned wonderful.  It was pouring water from the Heavens, but there was sunshine in my soul and heart-and then the phone rang!!   It was good news, but a bit too premature to share here now.  But I don’t think I would have gotten that call, had I not been ready to give it all up to God.   The next time God is working in your life,  and you can’t imagine what He is up to, rest assured He will show you. And then you too will know that He brought you to life-and planned your destiny “For such a time as this”.

Have a blessed week~



~ by Rhonda on September 16, 2009.

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