Just ONE of my many pet peeves~

Ok-I have to express myself. You know I read ALOT of blogs. About being a mom, photographer, pet lover, etc.  And one of those types of blogs has recently begun to really grind my gears!  It’s the mom blog.  I get it, being a mom is hard. I’ve done it, and so far have survived. And I know (only from what I’ve read) that if you add an ill or terminally ill child to that mix-it makes it about 10 billion times harder.  But what I don’t get, is when people who have 2, 3, 4 or more kids at, around or under a certain age-and then constantly gripe about it.  Hey, no one held a gun to your head and made you have that many babies!  And in most cases (except maybe the freak that is OCTOMOM), you probably enjoyed the process of getting pregnant with said kids.  So please don’t constantly gripe, complain and otherwise bemoan the fact that you have 4 kids, and expect me to sympathize with you.  I don’t lack the ability to sympathize only because I haven’t been there, but because I know women who CAN’T have children of their own, or they’ve lost one or more before, during or after birth-and those women would give up anything they have to be able to spend time with those children they can’t have or lost.  So get over yourself!!!  Find something really worthy of blogging about-there are plenty of other subjects out there!  As for me and your blog-I am officially severing my ties with you. I am sure you won’t notice, but it will make me feel better!



~ by Rhonda on September 22, 2009.

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