On the road again, just can’t wait…you know that one?

Yep-I’m about to head out folks.  Where to you ask?  THE BEACH!!!!!!!!!!!!  THE BEACH, THE BEACH, THE BEACH!! Can’t tell I’m happy about it?  Let me say it louder THE BEACHHHH!!!!!!!!!!! It’s only for 3 days, and yes, we are driving there and back (they say it’s 6 hrs and 29 minutes, but my driver has assured me she can make it in less time!), and the forecast isn’t the greatest, but who cares? They’re having the Shrimp Festival while we are there-and I can eat shrimp in the sunshine or rain!  No matter to me and my tummy!  This trip came about because my best friend suggested it. She knew that just like her-I needed a break.  She runs kids to music, Nashville, baseball, football, chorus, etc-you get my drift? And she needed a break. I am going to school, helping my family look after my Mom (and she’s very well behaved-but it was a stressful summer!), dealing with family stresses, and a husband soon to have very major surgery-so I needed a break too.  Luckily our dear Pharmacist friend’s in-laws have a condo that is available-and it is on THEBEACH!!!!!!    So we are kidnapping her tomorrow when she gets off work, putting her in the back seat to rest after 12 hours on her feet dispensing who knows what all kinds of drugs, and we are doing the driving, to where-oh,  THEBEACH!!!  I guess you figured out by now where we are going, and that I am just a tad bit excited.

Of course there’s a bunch of things that have to happen before I can leave for even 3 days.  I have to wash (cause I am not wearing dirty clothes, and the last time I checked we weren’t going to a nudist colony-THANK GOD!),  go to one more class tomorrow, pay bills, and pack up all my school stuff so I can study and take one online test while I’m away.  Yeah, I know-that last one sucks!  But the test won’t be available til Friday morning-so I can go shelling and then come back to the condo and take the test. I know-rough huh?

Don’t worry or fret though, I’ll be back before you know it-and I’m bound to blog while I’m away-especially since I know there will be plenty of good photos to be had, and I will want to share them!  So hang tight-and keep your eyes out!



~ by Rhonda on October 7, 2009.

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