Burdens galore…..

My heart is so heavy tonight……..I am saddened by the loss of a young-32 year old mother with a wonderful husband and two great young boys. She was just diagnosed in late May with cancer-and lost her battle today. While I am rejoicing that she is healed completely now-the hurting goes on for her sweet family.  Please keep the family of Jennifer Hill in your prayers tonight.

I am also burdened for my friend Jo-her young nephew lost his life in a tragic car accident this week with several of his friends. They are all gone-and the families are struggling with how to go on. Please keep them in your prayers.

A former church member is still struggling with the beast known as cancer-please keep Jane Jones in your prayers as well.

I have numerous friends who are hurting because they or their mates are struggling with addictions and/or illnesses, couples who’s marriages are wearing thin, friends who are out of work, and have lost-or are soon to lose their homes, and many others that are hurting.

I met a couple tonight still grieving the loss of their young toddler earlier this year-they are AMAZING!!! And it is only by the grace of God they have been able to carry on-please pray for their strength as they prepare for the birth of their second child.

One of my very favorite bloggers-Anissa-who recently moved here with her family suffered her 2nd stroke today.  Please be with her husband Pete, as he tries to be with her at the hospital, and take care of his 3 young children.

It’s just too much to bear-I can’t do it alone-God I am calling out to You for Your healing hand on all of these dear people. Comfort those that are hurting, give the parents the wisdom to explain to their young children why Mom isn’t here anymore. Please bless those marriages in trouble, and help them work it out, please be with the families who’ve lost their young children or teenagers-help them understand why it happened and how You will help them through it.  Please heal Anissa-and bring her home to her family whole.  Please be with my dear friends who are struggling with addictions and help them see that there are people here to help them-not judge or condemn them.  Please be with the parents and teens who can’t seem to see eye to eye on things-and fight and say hurtful things.  Please bless, and wrap Your loving arms around our military service men and women-those who are in harm’s way-and keep them safe.  Be with all of them and keep them safe, and please give us the opportunities to tell them THANK YOU!!!  I am begging our mercies for all of those mentioned and those who weren’t , And I am asking all of this in Your Son’s Holy Name-



~ by Rhonda on November 18, 2009.

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