What you ask??? My recovery!! From what?? Everything-but most recently the surrender of using swear words.  “That’s silly!”, you might be thinking or saying.  But not to me!  I want the words out of my mouth to always be pleasing to God. I know what you’re thinking now-“then you’re gonna have to give up a whole lot more than swear words!”. You’re right-but all in good time.  I got my blue chip last night at Celebrate Recovery-this is what it looks like~

Celebrate Recovery-I'm on the road to recovery!

My Grace is enough for you

I’m excited, nervous, hopeful and prayerful! I know that in light of the other addictions people struggle with, this is not huge; maybe not to you.  But it is to me.  I have other hurts, hangups and habits in my life I am working on too-and with God’s help I know that I can surrender them all. But you know what? Even if I don’t, and I struggle daily, hourly or minute by minute-God will still love me.  It’s always the hardest for us to forgive ourselves.  I’m taking it one day at a time, and keeping an inventory.  Do you have a hurt, hangup or habit? Come join us!!  Every Friday night-52 weeks a year- even on holidays!


See you there~



~ by Rhonda on November 28, 2009.

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